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 ELECTRONIC Repair TECHNICIAN Tool Case .  This case gave faithful service to a Radio Tech for many years.  Have retired and now ready to pass on.  Good Condition, NO TOOLS !   $80.00







$15.00 Each     I am selling a  Ferritronics FT-128 Module Assy.  Ferritronics was a very popular Mfr in CANADA who made modules used for radio industry in 1960 – 1980’s used to Encode & Decode CTCSS Sub-Audible Tones.  Although many radio now have this feature built-in, there are many applications where such a module can be used for specific projects.  

This unit contains the Ferritronics FT-128 Encode/Decode module (schematic & info supplied)
Unit was surplus from my Radio Business and have been collection dust in a drawer.  Is time to find them a new home.
Have more and different types..just ASK!  You never know.
FT-128 CTCSS module

Mounting Bracket Midland 70-340 Radio   4 Available  at $5.00 E


 Remote Controls for TV, Receivers, DVD, ETC.                 $30 Each including Shipping