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 ELECTRONIC Repair TECHNICIAN Tool Case .  This case gave faithful service to a Radio Tech for many years.  Have retired and now ready to pass on.  Good Condition, NO TOOLS !   $80.00






$15.00 Each     I am selling a  Ferritronics FT-128 Module Assy.  Ferritronics was a very popular Mfr in CANADA who made modules used for radio industry in 1960 – 1980’s used to Encode & Decode CTCSS Sub-Audible Tones.  Although many radio now have this feature built-in, there are many applications where such a module can be used for specific projects.  

This unit contains the Ferritronics FT-128 Encode/Decode module (schematic & info supplied)
Unit was surplus from my Radio Business and have been collection dust in a drawer.  Is time to find them a new home.
Have more and different types..just ASK!  You never know.
FT-128 CTCSS module

Mounting Bracket Midland 70-340 Radio   4 Available  at $5.00 E


B&W FC-15A Filament Choke for Amplifier

Have a B&W FC-15A Dual Filament
Choke used in Amplifers to remove
RF from Voltage line when running
Grounded Grid. Will handle 15
AMPS. Has been tested to have
16.9 uH and 16.78uH Inductance on
the two windings using an AADE
Meter. Came from an Estate. Sold
AS-IS but suspect it is in Good
Price is $35.00  plus mailing.
Questions welcome.

Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard.  Modulation level indicator for monitoring transmitters, power level from 40 to 1000 watts in a frequency range from 3 to 30 MHz also on 50 and 144 MHz but VSWR may increase to 1.5 to 1, may be used on any system with 50 Ohm transmission line, designed for use with the HT-44.   $185.00 or Best Price

Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard
Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard





 Remote Controls for TV, Receivers, DVD, ETC.                 $30 Each including Shipping