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Mounting Bracket Midland 70-340 Radio   4 Available  at $5.00 E


Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard.  Modulation level indicator for monitoring transmitters, power level from 40 to 1000 watts in a frequency range from 3 to 30 MHz also on 50 and 144 MHz but VSWR may increase to 1.5 to 1, may be used on any system with 50 Ohm transmission line, designed for use with the HT-44.   $185.00 or Best Price

Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard
Hallicrafters HA-8 Splatter Guard


No Counterepoise 20M to 10M Antenna   $20.00

No Conterpoise 20M to 10M Antenna


$25.00  Have a nice carry case/bag that would be good for your QRP Radio or any other useful purpose. Size: 12.5 ” X 5″ X 8″ Has two side pockets for Accessories and loops in the top part. Has nice pouch in front for paperwork. Mailing Extra


Remote Controls for TV, Receivers, DVD, ETC.                 $15.00 Each  Plus $10 Shipping

TV Remote Collection

TV Remotes      [Sept 3, 2018]

Panasonic      N2QAYB 000827

Panasonic      VEQ2249               DVD Player Remote

Panasonic      EUR7711150          Audio System

Panasonic      RAK-RX949WK    Port CD System Remote

Motorola         487008-001  [StarChoice]

LG                   AKB69680401

LG                   AKB73215301        Blu-Ray Disc Player

LG                   6711R1P089A        DVD Remote Control

JVC                 RM-SFSJ50J          Remote Control

JVC                 RM-SED40TU       Remote Control

Technics        EUR644346          Audio Remote

Realistic         # 15-1904B           Four in One Remote Control

Samsung        3F14-00051-050  TV/Video

Samsung        BN59-0097A          Remote

Samsung        00092W                     DVD Video

One For All     URC-4041B01         TV/DVD/Audio Remote

Toshiba          SE-RO121                     TV/DVD

Toshiba          CT-90325                     LCD LED HDTV Remote

Toshiba          SE-R0102                      DVD Video Remote

Toshiba          SE-R0170                      VCR/DVD

SONY              RMT-D109A                  TV/DVD Remote

SONY              RM-917Y                     TV/VCR/DVD/Sat/Cable

SONY              RM-Y170                 VTR/DVD/SAT/Cable/TV

SONY              RMT-B101A            BD Remote  TV/DVD Etc

RCA                 CRK68C1                   TV /Cable VCR

RCA                 CRK76VCL1               Universal Remote

Pioneer           CU-PD033               Conpact Disc Player-Multi

Pioneer           VXX2702                DVD Player

X10                 UR73A                         5 in 1 Universal Remote

Insignia          RC-260E                 TV/DVD Remote

Axion              #16-3903                Remote

Polaroid          RC-50                      Remote for pictures