Semi-Conductors, IC Inventory Available

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BOX 1Part NumberDescription
*3LM340K-5Volt Reg   5V 1A
*3LM333KVolt Reg Neg o/p
*42N3055  * 15A NPN Pwr Transistor 
*3LM317Adj Volt Reg 1.25 – 37V
*2IRF250Pwr Mosfet
*72N6649PNP Pwr 10A
*5MJ2500PNP 10A Darlington 
*5MJ410NPN 5A Pwr Silicon
QtyPart NumberDescription
 BOX  2
*42N3055  *15A NPN Pwr Transistor
*2MJE3055  *NPN Pwr 60V 10A
*2LM309K  *5V 1A Regulator
*1MCR649P-3  *Thyristor SCR 50V 100A
*2UA723DC  *Voltage Regulator
*1MC3423 P *Overvoltage Crowbar Voltage Sensor
*1Q78MGS  *??
*27812UC *12V 1A Regulator
*1LM340T-12 *12VV 1.52A Regulator
*1787M1212V 0,5A Regulator
*62513NX*OCR Scan
*9N8276B *
*3MM500 *
*2741  *
*32N277 *
*1Q0316 *
*2MP2100A *
*12N3771 *
*1M8628 *
*32N3773 *
*92N4898 *
*101N2970B *
*71N2990B *
*11N2989B *
*1A41B *
*1127324 *
Part Number
*4CSR1 5moDOhmite SMD Resistor
*10BCSU902296ZSMD  J225
*20BOAY0240001SMD  A3 Transistor
*4LM-300Votage Regulator
*82N4221N-Chan JFET
*3LM-172AGC AM IF Strip
*4LM-370AGC Squelch Amp
*1SCR 1034P
*7IRFP 250HEX High Power MOSFET
*4IXYS DSET30-10A1KV 30A Rectifier
*3Lambda PM10-24S15Power Module I/P: 18-36 VDC 
O/P: 15V 600mz
*2LM 6172INOperational Dual Amp 100 Mhz
*3BYW 80Switch Mode Power Rectifier
*1PIC 16C57-XT  I/PPIC Processor Chip 8 Bit
*1Toshiba 2SA1095PNP Epitaxial Type Transistor
*2MBR 4045PTSchottky Diods 45V 40A
*1IRF 9540P-Channel Power MosFet
*1MBR 1045Schottky Rectifier 10A 35-45V
*1TL7702ACPIC Supervisor 1 Chan 8 DIP
*1LM339NQuad Op Amp Comparator
*22N3819N-Chan JFet
*92N3694NPN Silicon
*6KBPC806Single Phase Bridge Rectifier 600V 8A
*2Sharp DK2PC817Opto-Isolator
*2GBPC108Single PH Bridge Rect  600V 3A
*4RCA CA3140EMosFet Op/Amp
*1MC1723PVoltage Regulator
*32SC2237NPN Planar RF Power 20W
*1MC791PDual JK Flip-Flop IC
*175463 ICPeripheral Driver Dual 8DIP
*3LM358NLow Power Dual OpAmp
*5LM380N2.5W Audio Amp
*1Mot UC3843ANIC Reg CTRLR 
*1UC3844NSMPS Controller
*1LM3301NQuad Amplifier
*2Mot MC1350PIF Amplifier
*1Mot MC1413P7 Element  NPN Darling Pair
*1MC1458PDual General Purpose Op Amp
*1KEABC 109
*2SMT A & B 103GReisitor Arrays
*12SD45H8NPN Si Pwr Transistor
*178M18CVPos Volt Regualter 5 to 24V  0.5A
*1Mot MC14093QUAD 2-input NAND Trigger
*1Mot MC14078QUAD Exclusive OR & NOR Gates
*1LM317Adj Volt Reg 1.25 – 37V
*5ua79055V 1.5A Negative Regulator
*1ua791212V 1.5A Negative Regulator
*32N2219 / 2N222ANPN Small Sig HS Switching
*5LM318PGen Purpose Op Amp 8 DIP
*578L055V 100ma Voltage Regulator
*10MC7805CT5V 1A Voltage Regulaor 
*1078L1515V 100ma Voltage Regulator
*1ua 781212V 1.5A Positive Regulator
*2LM781818V 1.5A Voltage Regulaor
*15MCT7818BT18V 1.0 A Voltage Regulator
*87824CT24V 1.0A Voltage Regulator
*3U-112  AF P-Chan JFETECG326, NTE3236 are Subs
*1Mot 2N6083RF Power Transistor
*4GE PA237 Audio AmpMonolithic 2W, 9-27V
*22N3945NPN Low Freq Pwr 70V Vcb 1 A
*2LM709COperational Amp
*122N6035NPN Darlington Power Transistor
*42N6036PNP Darlington Power Transistor
*12N6107PNP Complimentary Power Transistor
*32N6520PNP High Voltage Transistor
*6RCA 67773? ? ?
*12S9014NPN Silicon Compliment to S9015
*12S9015PNP Silcon Compliment to S9014
*1HFA25PB60Ultra Fast Recovery Diode VR=600V
*1ua301ATCGen Purpose Op Amp 8 DIP
*5LM340T55V 1A Voltage Regulaor 
*162N4264Gen Purpose NPN Silicon Transistor
*182N4126Gen Purpose PNP Amp/switching
*7UC3710TCUnitrode High Current Driver for Audio
*4RCA 40611NPN Si Audio/Linear Application
*10IRF 644Power MOSFET  N-Chan
*10MP816  Kool Pak Power Resistors TO-220 Style
*10IR 60510Rectifier Diodes
*6MRU 3030PTUltra Fast Recovery Diode VR=300V
*10Mot U8100EPower Rectifier Switchmode
*9Mot U1520Power Rectifier Switchmode  15 Amps
*1Mot 4N32ADarlington NPN Output Optocoupler
*1Mot 4N28Opto-Isolator
*2Mot MC14078  B-Suffix Series CMOS Gates
*2Mot MC14093QUAD 2-input NAND Trigger
*1Sharp S12MD1VPhotothyristor Coupler
*11LED RED Diffused Lens
*11LED YELLOWDiffused Lens
*10LED RED Clear Lens
*1LED Tri-Color LEDTri-Color
QtyPart NumberDescription
* 30UA555 tcAstable or Monostable Timer Operation
* 4UA741General Purpose Op-Amp
*1MC1306Mini-Watt Audio Output
*2LM3802 W Audio Amplifier
Box  5
Box 6
*10TBA820L2W Audio Amp DIP14 Pin
Box 7
*142732 EPROM
Box 8
*2414 PIN DIP Socket
Box 9RTL IC’s 


Motorola CTCSS Reeds

$10 EACH     MOTOROLA CTCSS Tone Reeds for Radio  (Shipping Extra about $8.00 )     Quantity Discounts available.  I have the following tone reeds available:

KLN-6209A Vibrasponders:    7A  * 4Z  * 6B (3) * 146 (445.7 Hz)

TLN-8381A Vibrasponders:  6B * 3B (5) * 7A (2) * 4Z *  2Z * 1A 

TLN-6824A Vibrasender:  7A * 5Z *

KLN-6210A Vibrasender:  3B

Please contact me for  the  particular Freq you are wanting