Semi-Conductors, IC Inventory Available

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BOX 1Part NumberDescription
*3LM340K-5Volt Reg   5V 1A
*3LM333KVolt Reg Neg o/p
*42N3055  * 15A NPN Pwr Transistor 
*3LM317Adj Volt Reg 1.25 – 37V
*2IRF250Pwr Mosfet
*72N6649PNP Pwr 10A
*5MJ2500PNP 10A Darlington 
*5MJ410NPN 5A Pwr Silicon
QtyPart NumberDescription
 BOX  2
*42N3055  *15A NPN Pwr Transistor
*2MJE3055  *NPN Pwr 60V 10A
*2LM309K  *5V 1A Regulator
*1MCR649P-3  *Thyristor SCR 50V 100A
*2UA723DC  *Voltage Regulator
*1MC3423 P *Overvoltage Crowbar Voltage Sensor
*1Q78MGS  *??
*27812UC *12V 1A Regulator
*1LM340T-12 *12VV 1.52A Regulator
*1787M1212V 0,5A Regulator
*62513NX*OCR Scan
*9N8276B *
*3MM500 *
*2741  *
*32N277 *
*1Q0316 *
*2MP2100A *
*12N3771 *
*1M8628 *
*32N3773 *
*92N4898 *
*101N2970B *
*71N2990B *
*11N2989B *
*1A41B *
*1127324 *
Part Number
*4CSR1 5moDOhmite SMD Resistor
*10BCSU902296ZSMD  J225
*20BOAY0240001SMD  A3 Transistor
*4LM-300Votage Regulator
*82N4221N-Chan JFET
*3LM-172AGC AM IF Strip
*4LM-370AGC Squelch Amp
*1SCR 1034P
*7IRFP 250HEX High Power MOSFET
*4IXYS DSET30-10A1KV 30A Rectifier
*3Lambda PM10-24S15Power Module I/P: 18-36 VDC 
O/P: 15V 600mz
*2LM 6172INOperational Dual Amp 100 Mhz
*3BYW 80Switch Mode Power Rectifier
*1PIC 16C57-XT  I/PPIC Processor Chip 8 Bit
*1Toshiba 2SA1095PNP Epitaxial Type Transistor
*2MBR 4045PTSchottky Diods 45V 40A
*1IRF 9540P-Channel Power MosFet
*1MBR 1045Schottky Rectifier 10A 35-45V
*1TL7702ACPIC Supervisor 1 Chan 8 DIP
*1LM339NQuad Op Amp Comparator
*22N3819N-Chan JFet
*92N3694NPN Silicon
*6KBPC806Single Phase Bridge Rectifier 600V 8A
*2Sharp DK2PC817Opto-Isolator
*2GBPC108Single PH Bridge Rect  600V 3A
*4RCA CA3140EMosFet Op/Amp
*1MC1723PVoltage Regulator
*32SC2237NPN Planar RF Power 20W
*1MC791PDual JK Flip-Flop IC
*175463 ICPeripheral Driver Dual 8DIP
*3LM358NLow Power Dual OpAmp
*5LM380N2.5W Audio Amp
*1Mot UC3843ANIC Reg CTRLR 
*1UC3844NSMPS Controller
*1LM3301NQuad Amplifier
*2Mot MC1350PIF Amplifier
*1Mot MC1413P7 Element  NPN Darling Pair
*1MC1458PDual General Purpose Op Amp
*1KEABC 109
*2SMT A & B 103GReisitor Arrays
*12SD45H8NPN Si Pwr Transistor
*178M18CVPos Volt Regualter 5 to 24V  0.5A
*1Mot MC14093QUAD 2-input NAND Trigger
*1Mot MC14078QUAD Exclusive OR & NOR Gates
*1LM317Adj Volt Reg 1.25 – 37V
*5ua79055V 1.5A Negative Regulator
*1ua791212V 1.5A Negative Regulator
*32N2219 / 2N222ANPN Small Sig HS Switching
*5LM318PGen Purpose Op Amp 8 DIP
*578L055V 100ma Voltage Regulator
*10MC7805CT5V 1A Voltage Regulaor 
*1078L1515V 100ma Voltage Regulator
*1ua 781212V 1.5A Positive Regulator
*2LM781818V 1.5A Voltage Regulaor
*15MCT7818BT18V 1.0 A Voltage Regulator
*87824CT24V 1.0A Voltage Regulator
*3U-112  AF P-Chan JFETECG326, NTE3236 are Subs
*1Mot 2N6083RF Power Transistor
*4GE PA237 Audio AmpMonolithic 2W, 9-27V
*22N3945NPN Low Freq Pwr 70V Vcb 1 A
*2LM709COperational Amp
*122N6035NPN Darlington Power Transistor
*42N6036PNP Darlington Power Transistor
*12N6107PNP Complimentary Power Transistor
*32N6520PNP High Voltage Transistor
*6RCA 67773? ? ?
*12S9014NPN Silicon Compliment to S9015
*12S9015PNP Silcon Compliment to S9014
*1HFA25PB60Ultra Fast Recovery Diode VR=600V
*1ua301ATCGen Purpose Op Amp 8 DIP
*5LM340T55V 1A Voltage Regulaor 
*162N4264Gen Purpose NPN Silicon Transistor
*182N4126Gen Purpose PNP Amp/switching
*7UC3710TCUnitrode High Current Driver for Audio
*4RCA 40611NPN Si Audio/Linear Application
*10IRF 644Power MOSFET  N-Chan
*10MP816  Kool Pak Power Resistors TO-220 Style
*10IR 60510Rectifier Diodes
*6MRU 3030PTUltra Fast Recovery Diode VR=300V
*10Mot U8100EPower Rectifier Switchmode
*9Mot U1520Power Rectifier Switchmode  15 Amps
*1Mot 4N32ADarlington NPN Output Optocoupler
*1Mot 4N28Opto-Isolator
*2Mot MC14078  B-Suffix Series CMOS Gates
*2Mot MC14093QUAD 2-input NAND Trigger
*1Sharp S12MD1VPhotothyristor Coupler
*11LED RED Diffused Lens
*11LED YELLOWDiffused Lens
*10LED RED Clear Lens
*1LED Tri-Color LEDTri-Color
QtyPart NumberDescription
* 30UA555 tcAstable or Monostable Timer Operation
* 4UA741General Purpose Op-Amp
*1MC1306Mini-Watt Audio Output
*2LM3802 W Audio Amplifier
Box  5
Box 6
*10TBA820L2W Audio Amp DIP14 Pin
Box 7
*142732 EPROM
Box 8
*2414 PIN DIP Socket
Box 9RTL IC’s 
BOX 10
*332716 EPROMs
BOX 11
*468Z10Metal Oxide Varistors
*13IR 60310 DiodeVrev=1000V, IC=6A
*31N21B DiodeDiode RF Mixer Pin Mixer
*1001N34 DiodePoint Contact Germanium Diode
*2BA-102 DiodeVari-Cap Diode, 20V 100ma
*1MR-501 DiodeRectifier Diode 100V 3 A
*1SB-560 DiodeRectifier Diode 60V 5 A
*61N2979B DiodeZener Diode 15V 10W
*81N4001 DiodeGen Purpose Diode 50V 1A
*251N4007 DiodeGen Purpose Diode 1000V 1A
*101N4143 DiodeSi 600V 3A ECG5806
*501N4148 DiodeSignal Diode, 100 PIV 10 ma
*251N4150 DiodeSi Switching, 50 PIV 1 ma
*41N4370A DiodeZener 2.4V 20ma 400 mw
*41N4728A DiodeZener, 3.3V 76 ma 1W
*41N4733 DiodeZener  5.1V 49ma 1 W
*11N4734A DiodeZener 5.6 V 5%  1W
*11N4739 DiodeZener 9.1V 1 W
*11N4742A DiodeZener 12 V  1 W
*61N4743A DiodeZener  13 V  1 W
*61N4744 DiodeZener 15V 17 ma  1 W
*31N4745A DiodeZener 15V 17 ma  1 W
*41N4746A DiodeZener 18V 14ma  1 W
*21N4749A DiodeZener 24V  1 W
*11N4752AZener 33 Volt 1 W
*11N4756AZener 47 Volt 1 W
*31N4757AZener  51.0 V  1 W
*21N5232Zener 5.6V  0.5 W
*21N5221Zener 2.4 V  0.5 W
*11N5402 DiodeRectifier 200V 3A
*2G1754 DiodeRectifier 400V 6A  used
*61N5408Rect  1000 PIV 3A
*1MPS-A13NPN Darlington 
*1Q6ESMD Transistor
*2CM-30-12ARF Power Transistor  ACR  
*1TIP 31ANPN Pwr Transistor
*1TIP 32C-2PNP Pwr Transistor
*1IRFZ40N-Chan Pwr MosFet
*25MPS-A42NPN Si  300V  0.5 A
*2MPS-A43NPN High Volt 300V 500ma
*2MPF-102JFET  VHF Amplifier
*1TIP120NPN Darlington Transistor
*9TIP 121NPN Si 80V 5A
*1TIP125PNP Si 60V 5A
*2TIP126PNP Darlington 80V 5A
*6IRF510N-Chan Pwr MosFet  60V
*1MRF607NPN Si Pwr 1.7W  VHF
*1MRF629NPN Si Pwr 5W
 *12SD635NPN Si 60V 7A
*8IRF644N-Chan Pwr Mosfet 250V
*62N706NPN Small Signal 
*1MBR735Switch Mode Pwr Rectifier 
*12SB861PNP Si 150V 2A
*2MPS918NPN Si 15V 0.05A
*12SA966PNP Si
*22SA1095PNP Si 160V 15A
*3NTE-159 /2N1127PNP Germ 4037993P1 (GE)
*1SRF1125Mot RF Power Transistor
*2MRF1946Mot NPN Pwr 30W VHF
*42SC1946ANPN Si 50W 17V 7A  200 Mhz
*42SC1968ANPN Si 40W 17V 5A  400 Mhz
*252N2222NPN Si 30V 800ma 250 Mhz
*12SC2235NPN Si 120V 800ma  60 Mhz
*162N2270NPN Si 1W 45V 1A 60 Mhz
*42SC2695NPN Si 32W 10A Ic 520 Mhz
*122N2904APNP Si 200Mhz 60V c-e 600ma Ic
*132N2907APNP Si 400mw 200Mhz 40V c-e 
*10Motorola 3018
*22N3020NPN General Purpose
*22N3501NPN Si General Purpose
*1Motorola 3032
*4MPS-3563NPN Si 600 Mc 12V Ce 50ma Ic
*1MPS-3640PNP Switching
*3RCA 40347NPN BJT
*22N4124NPN Si General Purpose
*5PN5130Signetics  ??
*62N5486N-Chan RF FET VHF/UHF MPF102?
Jsn 576-0006-009
*5M4538BP?? BOEY0790001 Uniden
*2MC3359PHigh Gain Low Power FM IF DIP
BDEY0335001 Uniden
*1MC14411Baud Rate Generator
 Box 12
*42N404AGermanium  PNP Med Speed xister
*22N5917/NTE-32019A129181P4  GE #
22n3394NPN Si  for Drake R-4C
12SB370APNP Germanuim Audio / 576-0002-004
22N5590 / NTE-349NPN Si VHF 10W/ 19A129181P1 (GE)
1M9587 MotorolaNPN Si RF Power 15W VHF
44060P2 / 2N6080NPN RF Power
1JSN 5300-5903RF Power  01-093 M36 SSS
12N6080  MotorolaNPN Si 12W VHF 
1M9688 MotorolaNPN VHF RF 15W  25V
12N6083NPN Si RF Power
2*4090RF Power Transistor
22SC2131NPN Si, 850 Mhz, BDBC2131000 Uniden
132SC2945NPN Si Power BDBC2995124 Uniden
3MB504two Modulus Prescaler, Freq Synth / PLL
102SC380NPN Si VHF BDBC0380523 Unicen
111N5348B11.0 V Zener 5 W
41N4757A51.0 V Zener 1 W
41N4736A6.8V Zener  1 W
102SC2237NPN VHF Power  BDBC1127220 Uniden
122SC136ANPN Si BDBC3019000 Uniden
42N3276?? BDBC3276000 Uniden
12SC2499NPN Si VHF Low Noise BDBC2499000
12SB772PNP Med Pwr BDBB0772116 Uniden
42SB1133PNP Si Pwr BDBB1133117 Uniden
62SC3021NPN Si 20W 520 Mhz BOBC3021000 Uniden
52SC1967NPN 7W 2A BDBC1967000 Uniden
12SC2540NPN Pwr VHF 30W BDBC2540000 Uniden
12N6081NPN Si VHF
12N6084NPN 40W 175 Mhz
12N5590 NPN Si 10W 
22N4051PNP Germanium Pwr 170 W
2SRFF4084Jsn 576-4-084
22SC4087NPN Si Jsn 576-4-087
22N4086NPN Si JSN 576-4-086
22SC945NPN Bipolar, Old Japan Audio BDBCO945506 Uiden
62SC3022NPN BJT UHF 18W BDB33022000 Uniden
152SV101?? BDAY0229001  Uniden
12N5946NPN Si RF Pwr 10W UHF
52SB1035PNP Si 50 Mhz  BDBB1035104
82N2270NPN Si General Purpose
12N5139PNP Si 300 Mhz Small Signal 
12BC107NPN Si Small Signal Gen Purpose (2N3904)
39D5N20P200V N-Chan MOSFET used in Power Supply
1LM317T Adj Votage Regulator  1.2-3.7V  1.5A
1S-AV16HToshiba Module, 150-160,    150mw IN/5W Out
1TA7205APToshiba 5.8W Audio Pwr Amp I.C.
Box 13
1IRF 250
32N6649PNP High Gain Darlington
2LM337K1.2 – 37V  1.5A NEGATIVE Adj
22N1412PNP Germ Power Transistor
2MJ300010A Darlington 
42N5038NPN Gen Purpose 90V 20A
52N3055NPN 10A Pwr Switch Transistor
1MC7812CK12V 2A Fixed Regulator
22N442PNP Germ Power Transistor
2MJ2500PNP Si 60V 10A Power
2M9639 on heatsink60V 20A 2N3772 Subst Mot P/S
1LM317K1.2 to 37V 1A Adj Volt Regulator
12N1073PNP Ger Bipolar
1LM340K-5.05V  Regualator 10A 
1LM333KAdj Neg Regulator 1.2 to 32V 3A
1MJ410NPN Si  Power 5A 
12N3442NPN Si 140V 10A
12N277PNP Germ Pwr 40V 15A
12N6338NPN Si Pwr 100V 25A
12N6254NPN Si 90V 15A Power 
12N256PNP Alloy Junction 30V 3A
1M2500PNP Darlington Pwr 60V 10A
1MJ2955 on heatsinkPNP -60V Comp 100V 
12N4416N-Chan JFET  UHF/VHF Amplifier
12N3053NPN Si Med Power
2TIP3055NPN 100 V
32N3904NPN Gen Purpose 40V 200ma
1MJE13005NPN Bipolar Transistor 400V BJT
2MPSA92PNP High Voltage 50 Mhz
31N2979B15V 10W Zener
2IRF640N-Chan MosFet Power
4SGT23B13Bi-Directional Transit Surge Sup
6MPS5172NPN Si General Purpose
2MPSA13NPN Si Darlington Transistor
22N2222NPN Gen Purpose 30V 800ma
21N3890RStud Mtg Diode 50V 6A
2MPS-A42NPN High Voltage Si 200V 500ma
1TRF 1404N-Chan MosFet 200W 40V
12N3644PNP Si Complementary 
12N2907PNP Bipolar 40V 600ma
1M9651FET Transistor
1IRF 1404Power Mosfet 40V
12N4037PNP 40V 1A
1MJE521NPN Si Complimentary 
1MJE 371PNP Si Med Power
12N6724NPN Si Pwr Darlington
22N4401NPN Si General Purpose
12N6021PNP Si 70V 4A
12N3906PNP Small Signal
22N6401SCR 100V 16A
42SC2407NPN Si UHF BDBC240710 Uniden
4IRF 1404ZN-Chan Pwr MosFet 40V
1STPR16Ultra Fast Recover Diode
12N4403PNP Gen Purpose
1BTA08-600CTriac 600V
2TIP-127PNP Darlington 100V 5.0A
1IRF250N-Channel MOSFET 200V 30A
2*40312NPN Si Audio Amp (2N3054)
12N6740NPN Si 10A 100W 15 MHz
1RFP3N08N-Chan Pwr Mosfet 80V 2A
1IRF3710HexFet Pwr Mosfet 100V 57A
1270R7Ohmite Thick Film Resistor
22N06L07N-Chan VDS Enhancement Mode
220N60C3Pwr H.V. Technology 650V 20.7A
2T70N03N-Chan Logic Level Pwr MosFet
12SA1095PNP Si Bipolar 160V 15A 60 Mhz
22SK582Kenwood TK-820TK
23SK131Kenwood FET TM-942A
23SK184Kenwood FET 


Motorola CTCSS Reeds

$10 EACH     MOTOROLA CTCSS Tone Reeds for Radio  (Shipping Extra about $8.00 )     Quantity Discounts available.  I have the following tone reeds available:

KLN-6209A Vibrasponders:    7A  * 4Z  * 6B (3) * 146 (445.7 Hz)

TLN-8381A Vibrasponders:  6B * 3B (5) * 7A (2) * 4Z *  2Z * 1A 

TLN-6824A Vibrasender:  7A * 5Z *

KLN-6210A Vibrasender:  3B

Please contact me for  the  particular Freq you are wanting